We offer high quality German-made electric branding irons, welding irons and soldering irons. 

Since 1919, all we're striking for is providing you with the best branding tools available. We are the only manufacturer of the ledgendary ALK-branding irons which are sold under the original and sometimes other names in the market. Our manufacturing takes place in Kiel, Northern Germany, since the very beginning and we love to work with our customers throughout Europe and some parts of the rest of the world. 


What's really different to other products is extremely solid quality, strong wattage and our experience from decades of stamp production.


Our tools are being used to permanently mark any kind of wood, plastics, leather and other things: Some companies use ALK tools to comply with regulatory requirements such as IPPC-markings within the EU. Others use our stamps to create stylish logos on give-aways and packaging. Or to protect their wooden belongings. Or to mark their own beautiful products. And so on.



Made in Germany since 1919.