A long, long history of good old German quality - and the beauty of the future.


     Over the decades, Norddeutsche Apparatebau has built a range of quality products that all share electric heating as the main component. Some of todays parts still base on drawings from 1945 - they were just designed perfect.


And while communication, distribution and seemingly everything else has changed, ALK tools still prove to be up-to-date like in the very beginning.




      Since the founding days of our company, lots of history passed by - within Norddeutsche Apparatebau and everywhere else in the world. But starting in 1919, when our ancestors gathered to found a new business, some very important things remain important to us: first, the ultimate commitment to quality. Secondly, our passion to work as a team. And third, the fact that only products you build yourself from scratch can always be perfect




     Just recently, in early 2014, the latest hand-over in management has taken place. In parallel, the introduction of a modern production including CAD design and CNC assembly paved the way for the future to ensure enhanced output scalability.


Everyone at Norddeutsche Apparate-Bau-Anstalt thanks Jutta and Peter Lyck for running our company successfully for so many years and we will ensure the founding values will remain present for the next decades to come. For us, but most important for you as our customers and partners.


Let's keep up with the tradition of ALK tools.