How do I find the perfect branding iron size?

Find a stamp as close to your actual marking need but allow 1-2mm from the marking size to the actual stamp size.

How do I cool down used stamps quickly?

PLEASE DO NOT USE WATER! Our stamps are built with electric materials and will break if soaked in water. Many of our customers use stones to deposit the stamps as they are hot, some more than 400 degrees Celsius.




Why does the side part surface area sometimes look scrumbled after first usages?

The side parts of our smaller stamps (Standard ALK) are galvanized but not coated. If the surface look changes it is not technically changing the quality of the product and you can keep using it for any of the purposes you need it for.



FAQ for ALK-tools.


Use our German-made ALK tools everyday for long time.
If you're new, these standard questions might help you.

Where do I buy your products?

Please see our distributor list to find country-specific distributors. Also, you can ask us for a quote. 

How do I control temperature to mark different materials?

We offer a control unit that changes the stamps voltage and therefore alters the heat being produced. You can use it and find the perfect heat needed to brand your specific surface material.


Need to know more? Ask us or contact our distributors!


Can I use my own delivery service to pick up deliveries?

We are currently using DPD for all standard and express deliveries throughout the world. This makes pricing competitive and processes smooth. Please understand that we therefore do not provide pick-up for other delivery services.


What does ALK stand for?
Weeeeeell, we hoped you wouldn't ask. Actually, the name has been around for so many decades that nobody knows the acronyms' meaning for sure anymore, what a pity. Do you have a great idea? Let us know!
What differentiates your products from others?

Quality and heat is key. Our stamps are build to quickly heat up and provide enough power to keep working even if you use them for multiple brandings in short periods of time. So if you compare us to other stamps, take a close look at the voltage and wattage. All material used is extremely solid and provides the quality needed for years to come.