Spares and services.


Of course, we offer everything else needed during the long lasting life of our ALK tools. 

Spare parts.
Letters and Numbers.

Just about anything you might need for your ALK tool, we have it. Due to the designs of our stamps, we can provide spare parts even for stamps that have been in use for a long, long time. This includes branding plates, heating elements, wodden handles etc.

If you would like to change certain marking elements such as serial numbers or names, we can help. Our services include preparing the burning plate for exchangeable elements (dovetail connection) and providing you with the right set of letters and numbers.  

Heat controller.

Our tools use the perfect temperature for many purposes in standard use. If you have a specific requirement it might be an option to lower the heat provided. NS2003 is a controller that can control the wattage. 

Sometimes, your product needs help. Send it to us for fast relief. We can exchange burning elements, replace broken wires or whatever else is needed. Please fill in our service request form so that we're prepared.